Updated compensation percentiles

Back in February, I calculated an update to the Category IIB percentiles we used to publish in our Factbook. That post is here. The AAUP has now posted data for the 2018-19 academic year. This year includes both the recent rounds of raises in January 2017 (in effect for the last half of 2016-17, although … Read more

When do we teach?

I did the following analysis while talking with Beth about our fall calendar, and I thought it might be interesting to share. This is the number of courses by time slot for fall 2016: Some notes: All courses listed with times are counted regardless of credits. That means labs are included. For courses that overlap … Read more

Enrollment report as of April 12

Here are updated numbers from the enrollment group. Arlene writes: Attached please find the new student enrollment report for this week. In response to their Spring Into Guilford experience, our office has received a number of calls and emails from students and/or their parents indicating that the choice has been made in Guilford’s favor, not as many of those … Read more

Enrollment report as of April 5

Arlene Cash heard a request from Jane’s community forum last week to share enrollment information with the community as we work to increase enrollment. The following table shows our traditional enrollment this year compared to the same date in the previous three years. It is not an exact comparison because the schedule of enrollment events … Read more

Alternate comparison groups for salaries

I’ve heard from several places on campus that we shouldn’t be comparing faculty salaries to AAUP IIB when we look at percentiles for faculty salaries. I think that’s a perfectly reasonable question to raise, although I’m not sure I agree. We want to compare ourselves to institutions like ours when we try to figure out where we are. … Read more

Guidance from CIRP data

Susan Ikenberry from our Institutional Research office sent me the following report on our CIRP student survey data. Some of this was reported in our Faculty Forum earlier this semester. Very interesting information. CIRP Narrative Items   Susan suggested that answers to the following questions can be found herein: Incoming Students Intended Majors vs Actual Majors they graduate in 4 … Read more

College Philanthropic Campaigns

Mike Poston recently presented some materials to Budget Committee on the state of the two campaigns, one $60 million campaign just completed, and the $15 million bridging campaign just beginning now. In the survey I did last May, many people requested more information on the college’s advancement efforts, so I thought you might find this … Read more