Faculty and Staff Guilford Edge discussion area

Please feel free to discuss the Guilford Edge proposal and its various parts here. You may post anonymously if you wish. Comments from anonymous and first-time posters will be held by the site software moderation until I can approve them. The Guilford Edge website is here. Feedback collected by the Edge team about the changes … Read more

Enrollment Report as of May 9

Here is the most recent report from the Enrollment division on the incoming first-year class. The data set we’ve been watching is below. After that, we have a second table with a comparison on several statistics between the incoming 2016 first-years and the group which deposited in 2015. Finally, we have a look at some more detailed demographic information. Arlene writes: … Read more

Enrollment report as of May 2

Here is the latest enrollment report as of May 2, one day after the national May 1 deadline for students to commit to the college of their choice. As you can see below, we have more students deposited (391) than any year in the past three. That is a very big deal for us. This number … Read more

Enrollment report as of April 25

Here are updated numbers as of April 25th. Arlene writes: Not much to say about this week’s numbers. Of course, with the national notification date being May 1 our team is actively calling those students who have not made a decision one way or the other, answering any last minute questions, connecting them with the … Read more

Enrollment report as of April 18th

Here is the latest enrollment picture from Arlene and the enrollment staff. Arlene writes: Here is the enrollment report for this week. As you see, we are picking up our numbers for traditional student deposits.  This is only for first time/full time students. Because we offered our first “orientation” session as a part of the second Spring Into Guilford program … Read more

Enrollment report as of April 12

Here are updated numbers from the enrollment group. Arlene writes: Attached please find the new student enrollment report for this week. In response to their Spring Into Guilford experience, our office has received a number of calls and emails from students and/or their parents indicating that the choice has been made in Guilford’s favor, not as many of those … Read more

Enrollment report as of April 5

Arlene Cash heard a request from Jane’s community forum last week to share enrollment information with the community as we work to increase enrollment. The following table shows our traditional enrollment this year compared to the same date in the previous three years. It is not an exact comparison because the schedule of enrollment events … Read more