Enrollment report as of April 5

Arlene Cash heard a request from Jane’s community forum last week to share enrollment information with the community as we work to increase enrollment. The following table shows our traditional enrollment this year compared to the same date in the previous three years. It is not an exact comparison because the schedule of enrollment events was different (and earlier) last year. Arlene writes:

We are hoping to see a spike in deposit numbers after the Spring Into Guilford program this weekend.  Last year we had two one day programs and the first one was towards the end of March.  I expect that event helped move the deposit numbers as we expect them to be moved similarly after our program next week.  Keeping our eyes on progress.

Here’s the table:



  1. Richard Schilhavy

    I would be interested to see an updated table that reflects a similar state as previous numbers (X weeks after Spring to Guilford).

  2. Thanks Richard
    We actually has 2 SIG programs last year. I will ask about that comparison.

  3. In response to Richard’s earlier request for additional information:
    So, it will be pretty difficult to make that comparison and see it as apples to apples because we have done so many things differently. For example, last year the second SIG included an advising session where we encouraged students to deposit if they wanted an opportunity to register for classes earlier than most. The coaches really encouraged athletes to do this and avoid having to come back in the summer. Last year we had a refundable deposit if it was requested before May 1. SIG last year was 3/28 and 4/11. Honors was not during the same weekend and we only had 13 attend. This year we had honors students visiting the day before SIG and then take part in SIG and we had 32 attend. Lots of ways to look at all of this. Watching carefully. Interested in other comments. Thanks