Enrollment report as of April 12

Here are updated numbers from the enrollment group. Arlene writes:

Attached please find the new student enrollment report for this week. In response to their Spring Into Guilford experience, our office has received a number of calls and emails from students and/or their parents indicating that the choice has been made in Guilford’s favor, not as many of those calls and note as I’d like to see have actually materialized into deposits. We continue to call each student, invite
them to visit and connect them with members of our community. If we match our yield rate of (close to) 18% of the admitted students enrolling, we will have about 334 new traditional students. That is above our projected numbers. Yielding at a disappointing 17% will bring us close to the projected 312 (315) new traditional students. At the end of the month I will begin to share the transfer and CCE numbers. At this point they are too low to really provide helpful

Thanks to everyone for the support and enthusiasm around Spring Into Guilford.