About This Site

The Moon Room is the room in Dana Hall on Guilford’s campus where we normally have faculty meetings.  It is the place where we meet to hear reports, discuss issues, enact policies, and set the course of the academic program of Guilford College.  This site is meant to complement those discussions, and I hope it can help in a variety of ways, including:

  • to provide a place where reports and data can be archived and easily found
  • to provide a space for expanded discussion, especially from faculty who don’t feel comfortable speaking at our meetings
  • to provide a place where people can link to important projects or ideas, coming both from on campus and from the broader community

All are welcome to post their own ideas, comments, articles, links, or queries. There are no rules other than those indicated by common courtesy and good taste.

If you want to post something under your own name, which is welcome, please register on the site and then send me an e-mail (at ddobson@guilford.edu), and I can give you posting privileges.

If you want to comment on an existing post, please feel free to do so either with your name or anonymously.

If you want to submit something for me to post, please send it to ddobson@guilford.edu and I’ll put it up here.

If there’s a site, form, technique, document, or trick you use to make your work at Guilford easier, please share it and I can post it or link it here for all to use.

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