Updated salary comparisons from AAUP data

Obviously, a lot is going on at Guilford these days. Some of that has had me looking back at salary figures in response to requests from Guilford allies, so I thought I’d take a moment and provide updates to the comparisons I usually do between Guilford salaries and our traditional peer group, AAUP Category IIB … Read more

Data requested at Faculty Forum on Compensation

From Christine Riley: As promised, I’m sending along the website where you can find the CUPA data we referenced. CUPA is the gold standard for staff salaries in higher education, and they are the only organization [that I know of] that surveys faculty salaries by discipline. This information is publicly available. http://www.cupahr.org/surveys/fhe4.aspx Look for the … Read more

New Online Tech Training & Professional Development Tool: Atomic Learning!

The College is dedicated to bringing technology training to the entire Guilford Community through a partnership with Atomic Learning. Training videos and assessments are easily integrated into Moodle, and allow faculty to focus instructional time on teaching their subject discipline, not technology! Available 24/7 from campus or home, it includes more than 60,000 step-by-step tutorials … Read more

New instructional technology listserv

Mimi Smith-DeCoster submitted the following announcement for the community: Based on the preliminary results of the 2014 Faculty Survey of Instructional Technology, many faculty noted their interest in a space for our community to share ideas, ask questions, and build community with peers to support our use of technology for innovative, student-centered learning. To support … Read more

Help understanding tuition remission changes

Hi, folks – In light of the changes announced to the tuition remission policy announced today, I’m trying to understand how the tuition remission policy used to work. If anybody out there has used the tuition remission benefit and would be willing to share your experience, please let me know by e-mail (ddobson@guilford.edu) or, if … Read more