Data requested at Faculty Forum on Compensation

From Christine Riley:

As promised, I’m sending along the website where you can find the CUPA data we referenced. CUPA is the gold standard for staff salaries in higher education, and they are the only organization [that I know of] that surveys faculty salaries by discipline. This information is publicly available.
Look for the link for “Executive Summary” on this page.  There are also reports from the past 7 years, if you’re interested. Drilling down into this data requires institutional membership [which I believe we are getting.]
Also, Damon asked how many faculty are in each rank at Guilford:
Instructors: 11
Lecturers:   17
Asst Prof:    33
Assoc Prof:  29
Professors:  35
These include those with ‘visiting’ in their titles.
UPDATE: Here’s a document that lists visiting vs. tenured/tenure-track faculty: Faculty list


  1. Thanks, Dave

  2. How many of the Assistant Professors are tenure track?

    • We do not have data on tenure track vs. non-tenure track. I would think that information would be available through the Academic Dean’s office. However, of the 33 Assistant Professors on payroll, 7 are coded as “visiting.” Hope that helps.

    • I’ve added a document that lists the faculty breakdown to the post above.

  3. Thanks Christine and Dave.