Day of Testimonies Discussion

The organizers of the Day of Testimonies would like to provide the opportunity to comment on the DoT Report (available here) and/or to share your testimonies based on the four queries that were used to organize the event:  Here are the four queries: What do you love about Guilford?  What are you struggling with at Guilford … Read more

Housekeeping information and communication page

I’ve set up a page regarding the outsourcing of housekeeping with information and links to documents. That page is here: Housekeeping I’ve turned on comments there, so people can discuss or ask questions. I thought that might be perhaps less chaotic than a multi-step e-mail chain. I also thought it would be more accessible to … Read more

Regressive impact of the parking fee

I did a little more work on the regressive nature of Guilford’s proposed new parking fee, following up on my previous post. A flat fee will have a bigger impact on low-salary employees because it’s a larger percentage of their pay. Because some of our other costs (e.g. healthcare, capped social security) are also regressive, … Read more

Flat fees and fair compensation

Flat fees, such as our healthcare costs or the recently proposed parking fee, provide a much more significant burden on low-wage employees than on high-wage employees. This is just basic math. When a cost or fee is constant, then it represents a higher percentage of income for a low-wage employee than for a high-wage employee. … Read more

Faculty and Staff Guilford Edge discussion area

Please feel free to discuss the Guilford Edge proposal and its various parts here. You may post anonymously if you wish. Comments from anonymous and first-time posters will be held by the site software moderation until I can approve them. The Guilford Edge website is here. Feedback collected by the Edge team about the changes … Read more

Compensation Committee Updates

Compensation Committee has asked me to share with the community the following items. These are located on the Committees@Guilford Google Drive folder in the Faculty Meetings section under the September 28 2016 Meeting. The items are: The Faculty Salary subcommittee’s report from last May 2016 The updated recommendations from the subcommittee from September 2016 A set of slides … Read more

Notes from Jane’s report from the February 2016 board meeting

Jane gave a presentation today on the February 2016 board meeting. Because there was only one scheduled presentation and it intersected with class time, a faculty member requested that Clerk’s find somebody to take notes and share them. I found me. Here’s my summary of Jane’s presentation, which included an accompanying slide presentation. Jane began by … Read more

Comments on college employment

I am deeply troubled by systems of oppression, racism, violence, and inequities. I am grateful to all of those who work here to uncover, dismantle, repair and transform oppressive systems and actions into just and equitable systems and actions. I recognize and I participate in this hard work every single day on campus, in schools … Read more