Updated Stipends and Course Releases List

I’m updating a post I made from about a month ago (see here) about the course releases and stipends we’re awarding. In some cases, people reported a different amount or type of compensation than was listed. Changes from the last version are highlighted in yellow. Also, in the case of course releases, several people reported earning them but being unable to take them, and in those cases, I’ve starred the positions. It is not known to me whether in those cases people were paid for overloads for the untaken releases.


Position Compensation List Revised

Also, some have asked about course releases and stipends for internships and independent studies. Those are now covered by Faculty Handbook section 3.110:

Full-time faculty members are given teaching credit for instructing independent projects and internships. Guidelines for credit are as follows:
Credit toward a course-load reduction is awarded for each student supervised in internship/independent study if the instructor teaches at least 45 students during the semester the internship is supervised. Records for credit are maintained in the Registrar’s Office.
For every 18 students supervised in internship/ independent study, fulltime faculty are entitled to a one-course reduction in their teaching load in some future semester.
Internship/independent study credit is awarded on courses numbered 260, 270, 290, 460, 470, 480, 481, 490, and Theatre Studies practicum.
Credit for internship/independent study supervision is allowed only if the internship or independent study is completed.
The maximum yearly accumulation of faculty internship/independent study credits is 8.
Faculty must consult with their department about the timing of their course reduction and must notify the Academic Dean in writing of their intention to take a course reduction. Faculty could be asked to postpone their course reduction if the course reduction is inconsistent with departmental or College needs.