Updates on building projects at Board of Trustees

The updates to Binford were described at the board meeting today. Some highlighted features are: Higher ceilings Sprinklers An added elevator A new annex (called the “orangerie”) with a glass-walled communal student space Much better air circulation, with greatly enhanced input of outside air High quality floor tiles (apparently we got a great deal on … Read more

Faculty and Staff Guilford Edge discussion area

Please feel free to discuss the Guilford Edge proposal and its various parts here. You may post anonymously if you wish. Comments from anonymous and first-time posters will be held by the site software moderation until I can approve them. The Guilford Edge website is here. Feedback collected by the Edge team about the changes … Read more

Notes from Jane’s report from the February 2016 board meeting

Jane gave a presentation today on the February 2016 board meeting. Because there was only one scheduled presentation and it intersected with class time, a faculty member requested that Clerk’s find somebody to take notes and share them. I found me. Here’s my summary of Jane’s presentation, which included an accompanying slide presentation. Jane began by … Read more

What I learned about the new consulting project

I and other faculty members of SPOC (formerly SLRP) met with the consulting group from the Art and Science group (website here: https://www.artsci.com ) yesterday. I learned about this initiative along with the rest of you in the last week, so it’s come on quickly. Because of that, I thought I’d take some time to report … Read more

Mellon Grant for Hege Library and the Arts and Humanities

Suzanne Bartels announced at the October 1 faculty meeting that we had received a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation to support the library. The Mellon Foundation is a respected and prestigious philanthropic organization that supports the liberal arts in higher education. We were invited to apply in April and submitted our application in July. The … Read more

Learning Spaces: Faculty Development Workshops

Today’s faculty development workshop was the first of a two-part series on designing learning spaces. The guest speaker was from Steelcase, who have done some interesting research on innovative classroom and education space design. They’ve also advised Hege Library during its strategic redesign process, some of which is already implemented and in place. If you … Read more

Information Sheet for Sexual Misconduct Reporting

This is an information sheet for resources and reporting procedures for sexual misconduct. It would be useful for anyone at Guilford to read. In addition to their other responsibilities in handling an incident, Guilford employees should provide a copy of this sheet to people who report an incident to them. Sexual Misconduct Incident Resources and Procedures More … Read more