Updates on building projects at Board of Trustees

The updates to Binford were described at the board meeting today. Some highlighted features are:

  • Higher ceilings
  • Sprinklers
  • An added elevator
  • A new annex (called the “orangerie”) with a glass-walled communal student space
  • Much better air circulation, with greatly enhanced input of outside air
  • High quality floor tiles (apparently we got a great deal on these)
  • Preservation and restoration of terrazzo floors, which are a cool design feature we probably couldn’t afford to add as new
  • Preservation of fancy marble elements and trim in bathrooms
  • Preservation and restoration of dorm shelving and furniture, which was apparently very high quality.
  • Shifting closet space to have curtains rather than sliding doors, which improves utility and ease of use

The project is projected to be complete in time for students to move in this fall. Milner will be offline for construction next year, and Bryan the year after.

There are also a number of renovation and restoration projects in design or under contemplation in other buildings, such as Hege Cox and athletics facilities.