Mellon Grant for Hege Library and the Arts and Humanities

Suzanne Bartels announced at the October 1 faculty meeting that we had received a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation to support the library. The Mellon Foundation is a respected and prestigious philanthropic organization that supports the liberal arts in higher education. We were invited to apply in April and submitted our application in July.

The funded program, called Digital Directions for the Arts and Humanities, will support new initiatives in the library for teaching, research, and pedagogical innovation in the arts and humanities. The grant, which is for a total of $100,000, includes significant funding for faculty development and projects.

Suzanne provided the following documents to share. The budget and a detailed narrative are presented in the second document.

The Andrew Mellon Foundation Guilford College Invitation

Guilford College Digital Directions Proposal

This is a significant award, a great opportunity, and the result of hard work by our librarians, Michelle Cole, and many others on campus.  Please join me in expressing our gratitude for their efforts.