Day of Testimonies Discussion

The organizers of the Day of Testimonies would like to provide the opportunity to comment on the DoT Report (available here) and/or to share your testimonies based on the four queries that were used to organize the event:  Here are the four queries: What do you love about Guilford?  What are you struggling with at Guilford … Read more

Curriculum Revision, 1966

Gwen Gosney-Erickson, college archivist, forwarded me these minutes from 1966, when the college was facing rapid change and a call to revise their curriculum. They’re a fascinating look at a parallel time in Guilford’s history fifty years ago. [pdf-embedder url=””] I asked for a little more context, and Gwen wrote: This was a massive overhaul … Read more

A history of presidents emeritus

I got a question recently from a faculty member about how frequently we have offered President Emeritus status to our outgoing presidents. It turns out that Liz Cook, one of the library archivists, did a study to answer that question last fall. Here are the results. Emeritus Status for Guilford Presidents

Guilford of the 1930’s, or what was old is new again

Gwen Gosney Erickson found an interesting set of documents in the college archives – minutes from the trustee meetings from the early 1930’s. As the Great Depression swept the country, the college was in some financial trouble, suffering from deficits and apparently unable to pay full salaries. Faculty proposed a salary policy – a combination … Read more