Challenges with staffing courses under a 12-3 model

Here’s another logistical issue we’ll need to deal with if we move forward with the 12-3 schedule. It’s a different kind of challenge to staff a three-week course than it is a 15-week course, and with the current low number (at least in recent history) of tenured and tenure-track faculty, it’s likely we’ll need to … Read more

Curriculum Revision, 1966

Gwen Gosney-Erickson, college archivist, forwarded me these minutes from 1966, when the college was facing rapid change and a call to revise their curriculum. They’re a fascinating look at a parallel time in Guilford’s history fifty years ago. [pdf-embedder url=””] I asked for a little more context, and Gwen wrote: This was a massive overhaul … Read more

Clarification and further development of Jim Hood’s ideas

[From Jim Hood] I wanted to put my suggestion from yesterday’s meeting in writing along with some other thoughts.  Please feel free to share these ideas on the Moon Room. Content suggestions Since a number of faculty are concerned that we be more specific about content before approving the proposed gen ed curriculum, here are … Read more