Raise comparison between faculty and administrators

I asked for Guilford’s most recent IRS Form 990. I do this for several reasons, but I got started with the 990’s after the administrator bonus fiasco at the end of the Chabotar administration in order to have a look at our reported compensation for administrators. This most recent report allowed me to track the … Read more

Curriculum Revision, 1966

Gwen Gosney-Erickson, college archivist, forwarded me these minutes from 1966, when the college was facing rapid change and a call to revise their curriculum. They’re a fascinating look at a parallel time in Guilford’s history fifty years ago. [pdf-embedder url=”http://moonrm.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1966FacultyMinute.pdf”] I asked for a little more context, and Gwen wrote: This was a massive overhaul … Read more

Excerpt from Faculty Handbook, Section 1.305, Faculty Meetings

Excerpt From Guilford’s Faculty Handbook, Section 1.305, Faculty Meetings Faculty meetings are conducted according to Quaker business procedures. Meetings begin with silence in order to reach beneath individual preferences to a level of openness that will facilitate decision-making for the good of the whole and end in silence to affirm the unity of the whole. … Read more

Agenda for Clerk’s Committee, April 13, 2017

Clerk’s Committee Meeting Agenda Thursday April 13, 2017 2:30 pm Gathering and Moment of Silence 2 minutes Figuring out who’s doing the minutes [Don?] 1 minute Approval of Minutes from April 6 meeting 2 minutes For review: Proposed art acquisitions 10 minutes For approval: Public Health proposal 10 minutes Review of faculty forum April 12 … Read more