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Open discussion area for Faculty Meeting on March 21, 2018

March 21st, 2018

Please feel free to post any comments about business at the March 21 meeting, or on any other topic relevant to faculty. You may post anonymously if you wish.

Comment cards left at the meeting:


We could have a temporary benevolent dictator


Could you please ask people to type more quietly in faculty meeting? Some people bang away throughout the meeting and it’s super distracting (and audible from across the room in some cases!). Thx!


Why are there so many Vice Presidents attending faculty meeting?

How does their presence affect the ability of faculty to speak freely?

Open discussion area for faculty meeting on February 14, 2018

February 14th, 2018

Feel free to post any thoughts, questions, concerns, or comments related to the faculty meeting on the 14th, or on any topic related to faculty work at Guilford. You may post anonymously if you wish.

There were four comment cards left at the meeting. Three were directed to particular parties. The following one was general:

I think the WORKLOAD conversation has to happen BEFORE the nominating committee conversation.


Open discussion space for faculty meeting on January 31, 2018

January 31st, 2018

Feel free to use this space to discuss the topics and ideas raised at the January 31 meeting, or any other faculty business. You may post anonymously if you wish.

One notecard was left at the meeting, signed by Ben Marlin:

OK, I went to the Art and Science presentation. I don’t recall numbers – could someone post their PowerPoint? I seem to recall numbers that were [not] all that statistically significant, but maybe I’m wrong.

I thought Art and Science talked to the people who did not come, not our students.

Curriculum Revision, 1966

January 28th, 2018

Gwen Gosney-Erickson, college archivist, forwarded me these minutes from 1966, when the college was facing rapid change and a call to revise their curriculum. They’re a fascinating look at a parallel time in Guilford’s history fifty years ago.


I asked for a little more context, and Gwen wrote:

This was a massive overhaul transforming from a curriculum that had basically existing for over 30 years. It’s when Guilford established a required interdisciplinary first year course and a IDS capstone. The transformation sought to be a bold articulation of Guilford moving from a stereotypical midcentury model to an innovative one embracing interdisciplinary and non-Western perspectives. At the same time, Guilford was renovating outdated dormitories and reinvigorating the faculty with development opportunities made possible with Title III grant funds and new recruitment. Some of the things put into motion in 1966 ended up being those that remained to this day (even through the 1998 revisions). You might want to ask Cyril how it was for him as he was brought in to develop Guilford’s Geology department at this time.

The Moon Room

A Community Forum on Guilford College Faculty Life