Open discussion area for Faculty Meeting on March 21, 2018

Please feel free to post any comments about business at the March 21 meeting, or on any other topic relevant to faculty. You may post anonymously if you wish.

Comment cards left at the meeting:


We could have a temporary benevolent dictator


Could you please ask people to type more quietly in faculty meeting? Some people bang away throughout the meeting and it’s super distracting (and audible from across the room in some cases!). Thx!


Why are there so many Vice Presidents attending faculty meeting?

How does their presence affect the ability of faculty to speak freely?

One Comment

  1. Comment cards added to the post above. In response to the last question, Vice Presidents are specifically allowed to attend faculty meeting in the handbook in section 1.305, which reads:

    All faculty are permitted to attend faculty meeting, and regular attendance is
    considered a major responsibility of full-time faculty. In addition, academic staff
    and senior staff members of the administration may attend the meeting. All
    others must request and receive prior permission to attend from the Clerk’s