Update on Clerk’s Committee Activities, April 13th and 20th and this week

Clerk’s Committee met on April 13th and April 20th to evaluate the requests for tenure-track positions that we received from a variety of departments and programs of the college. Zhihong Chen and Sherry Giles recused themselves because their departments made requests, and Garland Granger replaced Sherry on the committee as BPS representative. Zhihong is on Clerk’s as Recording Clerk, so Lisa McLeod was still present to represent the Humanities division.

Clerk’s evaluated the position requests at those two meetings and¬†compiled a set of recommendations which we shared with the President. We submitted this on April 21st. Historically, these discussions and recommendations have been kept confidential at this stage in the process.¬†We will be providing individual feedback to all departments who submitted proposals soon.

Clerk’s committee has also been involved in preliminary interviews this week with candidates for the interim academic dean position. Our role in this process is described in this post, and we have been following this process and schedule.