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Materials and models for Critical Perspectives curriculum discussion on March 15

March 12th, 2017

LAGER has prepared two documents for the Critical Perspectives discussion we are holding March 15th in the Collaboratory space in Hege Library. These are a set of slides that describe their ideas for incorporating Critical Perspectives and a memo summarizing what they are presenting. Note that the model they’re using here is their updated model 4.5, which includes a couple of changes from model 4.0 based on feedback from recent meetings.  These changes include:

  • Adding a third writing course, called XP in the slides, which is parallel to the current HP requirement, but which may include a broader scope in terms of topic.
  • Removing the full-semester first-year Gateway Seminar course (akin to current FYS) in second semester, retaining the two-credit half-semester Gateway Seminar in the first semester.
  • Changing the nature of the first course, and reducing the experiential credits by two, of the central experience courses (what we’ve been calling Communities in Practice)

See the memo below for more details.

With that model (4.5) as a base, LAGER has proposed several different ways in which the Critical Perspectives ideas could be included in the curriculum. They have four models, some of which might have trouble satisfying Jane’s charge to us with regard to the Art and Science findings. If you have a different model to propose, please describe it in the comments section of this post, and we can enter it into our discussion on Wednesday.

Here are the LAGER documents:

Memo for CP models – Google Docs


slides only

Discussion area for Faculty Forum on Curriculum Revision, February 15, 2017

February 15th, 2017

Here are the images of the posters we created today. Thanks for a useful, challenging meeting. Feel free to continue our discussion in the comments section below.

Update to clarify: People were asked to place no sticker if they didn’t care about an issue, but if they did care, they were to place a green sticker for support of an element, a yellow sticker if they had concerns but weren’t necessarily opposed, and a red sticker if they were against an element.

Click on the images to see bigger versions.


Guidance from CIRP data

March 17th, 2015

Susan Ikenberry from our Institutional Research office sent me the following report on our CIRP student survey data. Some of this was reported in our Faculty Forum earlier this semester. Very interesting information.

CIRP Narrative Items


Susan suggested that answers to the following questions can be found herein:

  • Incoming Students Intended Majors vs Actual Majors they graduate in 4 years later…..(some departments gain; others may have some opportunities) pp. 15-17
  • Habits of Mind (trends over 8 years)
  • Study Abroad & Experiential Intentions (trends over 8 years)
  • Political Identification (major shifts over 8 years)
  • Views on Social & Political Issues (major shifts over 8 years)
  • Demographics (changes in race, gender high school/neighborhood composition over 8 years)
  • Satisfaction & Retention (comparison of 1st-year likelihood of transferring out to actual retention of the cohort)
  • Disabilities, Emotional Health (changes over 8 years)
  • Behavioral Habits (virtual vs actual interaction, studying, family responsibilities…)
  • New Questions related to Guilford Core values that were asked for first time this year:
    • Why did they choose Guilford?
    • Why are they attending college?
    • Is a B.A./B.S. sufficient? (post-graduation academic goals)

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