Problems with Faculty Service at Guilford

Clerk’s is taking up discussion of faculty service on committees and in other roles at Guilford, and I tried to put together an image of how it looks currently. The result is below. Each square on the diagram is one faculty position on a committee or in another role.

Some of these positions count as the one-committee service requirement. Some have extra cash stipends. Some have course releases. Some have both.

There are 153 positions listed, and we currently have 88 tenured and tenure-track positions with a few searches underway, so I’ve indicated roughly how many of these position could be filled by our existing faculty pool.  Of course, as we know, this means many people are serving in extra capacities, sometimes with compensation, but often without, and some of our non-tenure-track faculty and librarians are serving. The amount of work each position represents is wildly unequal, and where compensation or release time is given, it sometimes seems arbitrary, with no balancing of effort to reward. Many potential course releases are just not taken due to program restraints and teaching obligations.  It’s a mess.

If I’ve forgotten a position, which is likely, please let me know in the comments section below. Also, if you have any ideas for how we could address this complex issue, please let me or your Clerk’s representative know, or post a comment here.


  1. The ECG liaison seems to be missing. I’m also wondering why there are 14 faculty slots for Ed Support?

  2. Hi, Gail –
    Ed Support is listed as “8-14” members in the handbook, so I went with the upper end, even though we have nothing near that many on it now. ECG liaison is definitely something I should add. Rob also mentioned January Term coordinator. Those will break my nice rectangle, but I’ll get them added. I’ll probably hold off on an update until I get a more comprehensive list of additions, as it’s a bit of work to redraft the image.

  3. OK, I added ECG Liaison, Jan Term Coordinator, and QEP Coordinator, and to compensate, I shrank Ed Support to 11 instead of 14.

  4. Thanks so much for clarifying the situation, Dave. I hope that this year under Beth’s leadership we can explore restructuring the academic division in a way that reduces bureaucracy and lightens our administrative work load. In particular, I’d like for us to eliminate the divisions and division chairs and promote integration of departments (either through better communication or consolidation). I also think the unequal work loads you mention deserve attention.

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