Placement info by program for graduates

The attached document was prepared by Alan Mueller for the Board of Trustees. It includes¬†survey data of Guilford graduates from the past five years on what they’ve done since graduating. ¬†I thought you’d find it interesting.

2009-13 Graduate Placement Information


Note: There’s a temptation in any data set that lists numbers by program to sort them and make some kind of judgment based on the sorting. Please be careful with this. Remember the following:

  • The response rate on these surveys is low. More than half of graduates did not fill them out, even in the best response year.
  • The numbers of graduates from these programs varies widely, and therefore comparing percentages is difficult, especially for programs with small numbers.
  • The effectiveness of a department or program is only one factor in determining placement post graduation. The skills, ambition, and background of students before they got to Guilford likely also play a role, and they are not reflected in the data here.

That said, this data set might provide a useful counter-argument to students or parents who say “I’ll never get a job if I major in XXXX”