LAGER update, August 2016

After returning from the General Education Summer Institute with the American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U), LAGER has been developing materials for the draft general education proposal to share with our community this fall semester. As you will recall, the faculty has committed to a process of completing a curriculum revision no later than April 2017.

With that in mind, LAGER will share a first draft of proposal with our community shortly before the September faculty meeting. This proposal will contain three parts. The first will be draft catalog language of the new curriculum, describing parts of the new curriculum, listing learning outcomes, and describing how these elements support the mission of the College. The second part provides the rationale for the new curriculum and describes how our new curriculum reflects research related to student completion and success, effective high-impact practices and the experience and heritage of our community. The final part is a draft implementation plan detailing recommended changes across the College to support this new curriculum.

In the weeks ahead, we will be working to complete this first draft of the proposal and preparing it to share with you. The catalog language, rationale and implementation plan will all be web-based Google documents that will provide valuable connections to each other, research in the field and other resources important to our discussions as a community.

As with all committees, LAGER membership continues to adjust to meet our needs and those of the College. Dale Koch, our CCE student representative, graduated in May 2016 and will be attending graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill this fall. Jennie Knight has rotated off to focus on her work with the Center for Principled Problem Solving. We thank both for their valuable service.

As always, we welcome speaking with you at any point in our process. Please contact any member of LAGER below or email the group at

Kyle Dell, chair and Social Science Representative
Lavon Williams, Business and Policy Representative
Melanie Lee-Brown, Natural Science Representative
Damon Akins, Humanities Representative
Drew Hays, Arts Representative
Suzanne Bartels, Instructional Design Representative