LAGER Minutes 3/1/16

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 3/1/16


Present: Kyle(chair), Lavon, Jennie, Stephanie, Damon, Caleb, Drew(recording)


Regrets: Suzanne, Melanie, Dale


    1. Meeting opened with a moment of silence  
    2. Minutes from 2/23/16 were approved with a few edits
      1. Action Item – Drew will post to the MoonRoom site
    3. Minutes from 2/25/16 were approved with a few edits and additions


  • Action Item – Drew will post to the MoonRoom site


  1. Senate Meeting – Monday, March 7, 7-8pm
    1. Caleb, Jennie, Lavon, Kyle are available to attend
    2. suggestion to provide a handout
    3. this should be more of a conversation than a presentation – keep presentation to five minutes
    4. suggestion to provide example communities of practice
    5. make sure to communicate that these are only provided as examples
  2. New Visual Model – posted on Slack and emailed to committee
    1. simpler, clear visual
    2. shows path through the curriculum
      1. for multiple students paths
        1. traditional, transfer
        2. early deciding major, late deciding major
    3. maps GELO’s onto the curriculum
    4. shows path through 8 semesters for small majors, large majors
    5. Discussion of an adult student/evening only student’s path through the curriculum
      1. would be spaced out over more semesters
      2. a more complex visual – more variables of time, but courses/requirements the same
  3. Discussion of current GELO’s
    1. Questions have arisen about the relationship between the curriculum and the GELO’s
      1. Footprint rooted in the GELO’s
      2. new visual shows this relationship much more clearly
      3. Committee has reaffirmed that the new curriculum design will continue to reflect the current GELO’s
  4. Meetings with Administration
    1. chair has reached out to VP of enrollment and VP of marketing to follow up discussions from last Wednesday
    2. chair will set up short meetings with both during our regular meeting times
  5. Meeting closed with a moment of silence 10:20am