LAGER Committee Minutes 9-8-16

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 9/8/16


Present: Kyle(chair), Damon, Melanie, Stephanie, Lavon, Drew (recording)


    1. Minutes from 9/1/16 approved with minor edits
    2. Kyle will reach out to both student governments about student representation on the committee
    3. Dave Dobson – faculty meeting joined the meeting
      1. Clerk’s committee planning on LAGER speaking at Sept. 28 faculty meeting
        1. 30 minutes of time possibly
        2. Plan is to share the catalog language – or full package – one week prior
        3. Concern that many details of the curriculum haven’t been shared – resistance may be high to details, new concepts within
        4. Discussion of why the committee began with catalog language
        5. Discussion of why some aspects not yet detailed
          1. Decisions to be made later – more discussion needed
          2. Or by other constituencies
      2. Questions that will arise
        1. Does this have what I want?
        2. How does fit what I teach?
        3. How does this fit with my dept./major?
      3. Forum time
        1. Oct. 5 forum held for LAGER
        2. LAGER – needs as much forum time as we can have this semester
        3. November forum – may be given after Sept. 28 and Oct. 5 are complete
      4. Suggestion that support funds will be needed during implementation phase
      5. Suggestion that the Art and Science Report may provide some influence or create friction for new curriculum
      6. The Clerk has left the meeting
    4. Steps moving forward
      1. Chairs meeting next week (2:30pm Wednesday)
        1. How much to disseminate next week
          1. Catalog language document
        2. Opportunity to create buy-in – positive energy
        3. Suggestion to provide more details at this point


  • Damon will give presentation – Kyle and Lavon will be present as chairs
  • Drew will review Rationale document in entirety over the weekend


    1. Discussion of Rationale document
      1. Structure designed in an intentional way to create mastery over time
      2. Much more robust way to assess GELO’s
    2. Learning Outcomes
      1. Will eventually need to be added to catalog language
      2. Example – writing sequence outcomes – already exist – can be added to reflect the current writing learning outcomes
      3. Term Foundations – now incorporated in the GELO’s
    3. Discussion of GenEd requirements vs. Graduation requirements
      1. Issue of QL, English 101.
  1. Meeting closed at 11:25am