LAGER Committee Minutes 9-22-16

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 9/22/16


Present: Kyle (chair), Caleb, Suzanne, Melanie, Stephanie, Lavon, Drew (recording)


  1. Minutes from 9/15/16 were approved
  2. New Business
    1. Chair had meetings with Stephanie Chang, Steve Mencarini
      1. Good productive meetings
      2. Support from both for what LAGER is developing
    2. We have a new rep from CCE, Darla Lee
  3. Final draft of catalog language document
    1. Statement about testing out of ENG 102 was removed. No test out for 102 in current curriculum
  4. FAQ document – Edited and discussed as a committee
    1. The following FAQ’s were approved
      1. Why a General Education Curriculum Revision
      2. What is the Process of that Revision
      3. Why a Gateway Communication Requirement
      4. Why a Gateway Intercultural Requirement
      5. What is a Community in Practice
      6. Are we redoing our GELO’s
      7. Why no longer require a minor
      8. Have you thought about….
    2. The following FAQ’s were put on hold – To be released simultaneously.
      1. What is the Gateway Seminar – on hold
      2. What is placed-based learning – on hold
      3. How is the proposed curriculum and improvement over our old curriculum – on hold
      4. Where is ________? – on hold
      5. All Where Is questions are on hold.
  5. Discussion on how to best share the final FAQ’s
    1. Committees at Guilford