LAGER Committee Minutes 8-25-16

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 8-25-16


Present: Kyle (chair), Suzanne, Melanie, Drew (recording), Damon, Lavon


Meeting opened at 10:10am with a moment of silence


  1. Discussion of feedback from opening community meeting
    1. Feedback was minimal
  2. New points of discussion
    1. Quantitative Literacy
      1. Not a part of the current catalog language
      2. How to visualize integrated QL across curriculum
    2. Discussion of need to be able to describe how current curriculum elements live on in the new curriculum, or if they do not, what is the rationale for the change
    3. Question of student choice of Gateway course, or not
      1. FYS informs that students become frustrated when they do not get the FYS of their choice
      2. Having a more uniform course with many common elements – a set of places to choose from to cover in the course, to create choice but some common experiences, would eliminate this frustration among students
  3. Discussion of Mapping document
    1. Include the charge from the curriculum review committee that was approved by faculty
    2. Link statistics related to dissatisfaction with current curriculum to design elements of the new curriculum
    3. Consider what we need to write, what is persuasive, that moved the committee towards the design we have created
    4. What resources would suggest to the faculty that diversity, for example, can be integral part of the design
    5. Targeted conversations can occur later in the process – how to define diversity, how to include intentional discussions, etc.
  4. Discussion of Draft Proposed Implementation Guide
    1. Mentions user design – do we need to define? Should this be included in another place – more descriptive
    2. Section on allocation of faculty positions – this is based on existing catalog language – should there be a rethink of academic organization/structure – this would fall to the Academic Dean’s office
    3. Suggestion to include hyperlinks or embedded image links of referenced sections of the catalog or handbook
  5. Discussion to invite the Clerk of faculty to our meeting, to discuss how to best schedule the move of proposal through to Clerk’s and ultimately the general faculty
  6. Meeting closed at 11:20am