LAGER Committee Minutes 4/26/16

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 4/26/16


Present: Melanie, Jennie, Lavon, Damon (recording),  Drew, Kyle (chair)


Regrets: Dale, Caleb, Stephanie, Suzanne,


    1. Minutes for 19 April 2016 approved.
    2. To Do List created
    3. Discussion of QEP and its relationship to GE.


  • ACTION ITEM: Kyle will reach out to Steve to begin a conversation


    1. Discussion of faculty meeting 27 April 2016
      1. We appreciate the feedback we have received and hope to get more. We continue to engage in small group conversations. The survey is available. The link is on the Moon Room. The first draft of the proposal over the summer, to be shared ASAP. Excited and interested about connections with other initiatives on campus (Strategic priorities, J-term, QEP, etc).


  • ACTION ITEM: Damon will share this language (IV. A) with Stephanie; Drew will share the anonymous survey link on the Moon Room site.


  1. Discussion of Gateway meeting on 19 April
  2. Discussion of Foundation meeting on 19 April.