LAGER Committee Minutes 4/12/16

Final LAGER Minutes 4/12/16


Present: Damon, Suzanne, Jennie, Kyle(chair), Caleb, Drew(recording), Lavon,


Regrets: Melanie, Dale, Stephanie


    1. Meeting opened with a moment of silence. 9:05am
    2. Minutes from 4/5/16 were approved


  • Drew will post to the MoonRoom site


      1. Question about Final minutes from 3/8/16 – only draft copy in folder
        1. Drew will follow up with Kyle
    1. Kyle will reach out to Clerk of Staff – Suzanne Ingram
    2. Faculty Meeting Time
      1. Sense of the Chair is that we do not need time on remaining faculty meetings
      2. Ideas on how to continue to provide information to the community without faculty meeting time
        1. Examples of possible communities
          1. Example – Business Ethics
        2. Idea that each committee member reach out and help generate some sketched out community ideas
        3. Idea to ask groups to think about ideas over the summer
          1. Possibly set up a summer session with budget support
            1. Have groups design possible community ideas
              1. Design as well as how administered
          2. Maybe multiple summer session – small sessions to set up some examples communities
        4. Suggestion to have another full session with faculty for feedback
          1. Counter suggestion to follow through with the survey for feedback
        5. Suggestion to give quick update at 4/27 faculty meeting if called
          1. Advertise survey – anonymous feedback form
          2. Advertise summer sessions – if approved with budgetary support


  • Action Item – Jennie will provide update in meeting


    1. Focus Teams
      1. Focus teams need to do deeper dives into their assigned areas prior to Boston workshop
      2. Focus team work delayed to provide time for many consulting meetings over the past weeks
      3. What work can focus teams complete prior to Boston workshop – six weeks away?
      4. Focus teams will meet full amount of time during next week’s meeting
    2. Grant support
      1. Title III grant
        1. 1,000,000 – for five years
        2. Idea for each team to have one member serve on the funding team
        3. Title III grant deadlines are usually announced in May and are due a few weeks after
          1. Too late to really be ready to apply this year
          2. Need a grant writer – position is open – we need someone to write a Title III grant
        4. Plan to file next year
        5. What info do we need in order to head towards filing a Title III grant application?
    3. Next semester’s meeting time


  • Drew will create doodle poll for next semester


  1. Some other items
    1. Third hand feedback from students, via faculty, to committee
      1. Comments from students: Too much focus in our current curriculum on social justice, I just want to go to school
        1. Suggestion to engage social justice within communities in the broadest sense – allow freedom to address in many ways
    2. Concern from parents expressed during Spring into Guilford session
      1. Guilford sounds like a caring place, but is this replacing rigor, are students getting into good grad schools, are students getting good jobs
    3. Need to think about the academic engagement within the communities
      1. We need different messaging in terms of the communities of practice
        1. Prior to Boston, we need a better name for this
    4. Greensboro Humanities Network Initiative
      1. Funded by the NEH
      2. Had first meeting in Greensboro
      3. Greensboro is one of six cities to have this connection
      4. Mission – to make the humanities as visible as possible
      5. UNCG is proposing a gateway placed-based course in Greensboro for honors students
        1. Damon – will follow up with Honors College dean
        2. Possibility for partnership – utilize their resources
  2. Meeting closed with a moment of silence 10:46am