LAGER Committee Minutes 3/29/16

Final LAGER Minutes 3/29/16


Present: Jennie, Lavon, Stephanie, Kyle, Melanie, Damon, Caleb, Drew(recording)


Regrets: Dale, Suzanne


    1. Meeting opened with  moment of silence 9:08am
    2. Reviewed, edited, and approved minutes from 3/8/16


  • Drew will post to MoonRoom site


    1. Reviewed, edited, and approved minutes from 3/22/16


  • Drew will post to MoonRoom site


    1. AAC&U Boston
      1. Meetings before we leave
        1. Week of May 30-June 3
        2. Hold June 1 and June 2 for meetings: 1:00pm-3:00pm
      2. Flights for Jennie, Stephanie, Lavon, Drew are booked
      3. Flights for Melanie, Damon, Kyle will be booked separately to accommodate travel times
    2. 3/30/16 Faculty Meeting
      1. Just the podcast
        1. Edits? – use feedback for next podcast


  • Damon will fix issues with Closed Captions


      1. Kyle will work with Clerk’s on future faculty meeting times for LAGER updates
    1. Feedback
      1. Suggestion to provide a way for feedback/anonymous feedback
        1. Survey monkey? – more anonymous than google survey
        2. Provide link to email on podcast page
    2. January Term
      1. Follow up from Senate meeting
        1. Students voiced strong support for Jan Term
        2. Many of the students present had participated in Jan Term in the past
      2. Registrar’s office needs to know by July if Jan Term will happen in Jan ‘18
        1. Calendar must be in place 18 months in advance to accommodate athletic schedules, etc
      3. First Jan Term that would coincide with new curriculum would be Jan ‘19
        1. Possible that even if new curriculum requires a Jan Term or similar experience, it would not be needed first year
        2. Could be implemented later as curriculum is rolled out
      4. LAGER can imagine multiple ways to achieve an experiential term
        1. This could be a Jan Term, a early summer term, or many other possibilities
        2. Not ready to commit to this level of detail in terms of design/delivery
      5. LAGER statement in response to the Jan Term review committee’s recommendation
        1. “We envision the current draft footprint of the curriculum benefiting (in a number of ways) from a flexible schedule extending beyond the two traditional semesters. While the present January Term involves experiential learning, we could imagine such opportunities delivered in a variety of ways after the new curriculum is approved. At this time, we have no recommendation on the question of the current January Term.”


  • Kyle will send this statement to Clerk’s committee


    1. Meeting closed with a moment of silence 10:19am