LAGER Committee Minutes 2/9/16

LAGER Committee Minutes 2/9/16

Present: Stephanie, Caleb, Lavon, Kyle, Drew(recording), Dale, Damon, Suzanne, Melanie(via skype)

Regrets: Jennie

Meeting began with a moment of silence, 9:10am

    1. Minutes from 1/28/16 approved
      1. Drew will post on the Moon Room site
    2. AAC&U Summer Institute Application
      1. feedback received from the Dean
      2. Melanie will submit by Friday, 2/12/16
    3. Discussion of ideas for moving forward – following faculty meeting presentation from 2/2/16
      1. structure
        1. breaking committee into thematic teams in terms of the Footprint
          1. Gateway course (place-based learning model, introduction to Guilford/Greensboro)
          2. Foundations courses (entry-level competencies necessary for major & communities)
          3. Communities of practice (experiential learning, breadth, signature work, peer mentoring)
        2. other team possibilities
          1. General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs) and assessment
          2. Schedule, administration and policies
          3. Transition and succession planning
          4. Inclusion and student access
          5. Fundraising and resource needs
      2. The number of teams presented could stretch the LAGER committee a bit thin
        1. each member could serve on two
        2. Do we begin to include members of the community outside the committee at this point?
      3. J-term
        1. possible scenarios
          1. will no longer exist
          2. will no longer exist in its current form
          3. will continue as is – seems unlikely based on current model
        2. future of Jterm – will impact GenEd
      4. Workload consideration
        1. 3 vs 4 credit courses
          1. discussion of document on workload submitted by Jerry Joplin
            1. breaks down workload into FTE’s, not credit hours
          2. presents some options
          3. could also create resistance
        2. the team working on schedule and administration
          1. discuss 3-4 credit workload
          2. discuss one course at a time
      5. moving forward
        1. goals for each team
        2. membership of each team:
          1. Curricular Teams
            1. Gateway courses (Melanie, Drew, Jennie, Damon)
            2. Foundations courses (Suzanne, Dale, Stephanie, Kyle)
            3. Communities of Practice (Damon, Lavon, Caleb, Jennie)
          2. Secondary Teams
            1. GELOs & assessment (Stephanie)
            2. Schedule, administration & policies (Damon, Lavon, Caleb, Kyle)
            3. Transition and succession planning (DEFERRED)
            4. Access, inclusion, diversity and student success (Damon, Dale, Drew)
            5. Funding, institutional capacity and resource needs (Melanie, Suzanne, Kyle, Stephanie)
        3. suggestion that some of these teams goals may be more time constrained than others – not all sections are as pressing – work may need to start on
        4. Another way of looking at teams – use the Goals from the AAC&U Summer Institute Application
          1. – Developing learning outcomes for, and addressing logistical challenges of place-based gateway course. (Gateway course)
          2. – Exploring best practices in delivery of foundational competencies to ensure development and integration into curriculum. (Foundations)
          3. – Addressing the challenges of experiential learning and community engagement in terms of faculty workload and the student experience. (Communities of Practice – CP)
          4. – Developing ways to integrate non-college community members more fully into the educational experience of the college. (CP)
          5. – Developing a curricular structure which supports team and interdisciplinary teaching. (CP)
        5. Funding piece needs to begin now
          1. pursuing Melon
          2. other funding/grant sources?
        6. meeting times
          1. small groups will have fewer scheduling issues
          2. large group may not need to meet every week
      6. committee spent time dividing team members onto the different Curriculum Teams and Secondary Teams


  • Action Item – Teams will fill out right hand column “Goals” on the LAGER Team document


      1. full committee will discuss goals next week
      2. Teams should also consider who else on campus they should include in their discussion
  1. Meeting closed with a moment of silence 10:20am

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