LAGER Committee Minutes 2/25/16

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 2/25/16


Present: Dale, Damon, Suzanne, Melanie, Kyle(chair), Drew(recording)


  1. Meeting opened with a moment of silence at 8:41am.
  2. Debrief from lunch/incubator session from 2/24/16
    1. suggestion to reach out to VP Marketing and VP Enrollment – invite to meeting
    2. reminder to consider how an ECG student who remains at Guilford would fit into our model
      1. how many ECG students stay at Guilford? Small number.
      2. suggestion to keep them in mind as we discuss transfer students in general
    3. Main concerns
      1. perception that footprint is large and inflexible
        1. need to communicate more effectively that this is not the case
        2. footprint is smaller than current curriculum, still flexible
      2. suggestion to have a session within the committee to discuss how to effectively communicate the committee work to the rest of the community
      3. Concern over communities, social anxiety, and the applicability of this model to the variety of learning styles of students at Guilford.
      4. Potential effects on recruitment, enrolment and retention.
      5. Resources — both financial resources to support the communities, as well as human resources in terms of existing minors and majors which generate revenue and could potentially support general education curriculum.
    4. Example needs
      1. create a map of how a student would travel through this curriculum
        1. traditional 4 year, transfer, CCE, ECG
      2. create several examples of possible communities – for discussion/visualization
        1. basic structure
        2. faculty roles
          1. leader, participant, partner
      3. map GELO’s onto footprint
  3. Meeting closed with a moment of silence