LAGER Committee Minutes 2/16/16

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 2/16/16

Present: Kyle (chair), Lavon, Melanie, Jennie, Stephanie, Suzanne, Damon, Dale, Drew (recording)

Regrets: Caleb

ACTION ITEM: Teams will select convener/lead contact person and every team will compile a list of goals for all LAGER teams and review at our next meeting

    1. Old business
      1. Minutes of 2/9/2016 approved – Drew will post to MoonRoom site
      2. LAGER’s presentation of footprint at Feb. faculty meeting is available on the  MoonRoom.
      3. AAC&U application has been submitted and budget approved to take eight members to the summer AAC&U institute: five faculty division reps, Jennie, Stephanie, and Beth.  Many thanks given to the application team.
      4. Assessment committee excited to be a part of the ongoing assessment piece of revision
      5. Feb. 24th: Extended faculty lunch + Idea Incubator (11:30-2:30 pm) in Gilmore Room.  
        1. Will determine coverage at this meeting at our next faculty meeting.
      6. Kyle encouraged divisional reps for discussion of footprint to division, departments, and/or individuals.  Lavon and Damon have such meetings arranged.
    2. New business
      1. email from Senate president
        1. request to add another student to the committee in order to address lack of diverse representation
        2. email was shared with committee
        3. chair discussed possible solutions with the Clerk of faculty
          1. replace current student rep.
            1. this decision would be made by Senate
          2. invite student(s) to consult with the Access/Inclusion/Diversity/Student Success team
            1. would fit in with current idea about the teams created, that each team should be working with a variety of groups around campus
            2. speaks to a larger point – we could involve perhaps multiple students, traditional and CCE in consultation with the working teams
          3. add third student to committee roster
            1. this would require complete restructure of committee schedule, team assignments, etc
            2. would require going back to Clerk’s committee for approval
            3. larger committee would create more logistical challenges to an already large committee
        4. As we have discussed before, this is a reminder to keep all lines of communication open outside of this committee
        5. Committee was in consensus on solution b) above


  • Action Item: Chair will email Clerk and Senate President to invite multiple students to participate in this process


      1. Agenda for Feb. 24th Faculty Lunch/Idea Incubator
        1. This session is for feedback primarily – for conversation
        2. Suggestion to try to avoid letting discussions fall into high levels of detail and policy, but to focus on larger ideas
          1. discussions of detail and policy could bog down discussion
        3. Agenda
          1. Share the link to the podcast
          2. Share a draft of the one-page summary


  • Action item – committee members will work on googledoc to create – Damon will share narrative used in podcast as a starting point


        1. Reminder of general timetable for work
        2. Share plan for focus team work this semester
        3. Open discussion and feedback
  1. Meeting ended with a moment of silence 10:24am