LAGER Committee Minutes 1/28/16

LAGER Committee Meeting Minutes 1/28/16

Present: Kyle(chair), Suzanne, Lavon, Damon, Stephanie, Melanie, Jennie, Dale, Drew(recording)

Regrets: Caleb

Meeting began with a moment of silence, 9:10am

    1. welcome to everyone
    2. Ongoing projects from J-Term
      1. set meeting time for Spring semester
        1. no consensus among team member schedules
        2. Drew and Kyle will confer and make a decision
      2. AAC&U Summer Application
        1. in progress
        2. small group will complete by Tuesday of next week
        3. will give to the group to review at that time
      3. Faculty meeting Presentation
        1. visuals & powerpoint documents available through Slack
        2. concern expressed about having two different platforms for communication and document sharing – Slack & Google drive
          1. Slack better for communication, Drive better for storage
        3. some questions about the presentation slides
          1. should the queries be included?
            1. faculty will raise these concerns anyway
            2. good to anticipate, but including these may push some negative energy in the room
          2. keep the meeting about presenting the idea
          3. suggestion to only voice some concerns, but not have on slides
          4. suggestion to keep details to a minimum, given the draft nature of this footprint
          5. suggestion to eliminate detailed info from the “Sustainability” slide
          6. Question as to why Assessment is not represented in this document
          7. Question about how much detail is prudent to present
            1. should we edit this down and make a more simple presentation?
            2. suggestion to only focus on the communities aspect
            3. edit Foundations to just read Foundations – remove details here
            4. should the credit numbers be detailed on the slides?


  • Focus of the presentation needs to be on selling the idea of Communities of Engagement
  • overall agreement – less is more for the presentation
  • Kyle and Drew will explore another time to meet prior to the faculty meeting
  • Stephanie will put together some language about how the draft model is built on best practices