LAGER Committee Minutes 12/3/15

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 12/3/15

Present: Kyle (chair), Lavon, Caleb, Dale, Jennie, Melanie, Drew (recording), Stephanie, Suzanne, Damon

Meeting opened with a moment of silence 8:35am

    1. Minutes from 11/19/15 approved with no edits


  • Action item – Drew will post to Moon Room site


    1. Past Action Items:
      1. Follow up with ACC&U summer conference application
        1. in progress
      2. Discussion of Feb. GenEd ACC&U Conference attendance


  • Action Item – Lavon will email group about pre-conference sessions for Feb. Conference


    1. Debrief from 12/2/15 faculty meeting
      1. issue of representation
        1. LAGER committee has previously discussed this issue on this committee
        2. Question as to include this committee on the list of committees that lack diverse representation
        3. Should this committee contact Clerk’s regarding this issue?
        4. Suggestion to continue reaching out to our Diversity Action Committee Liaison – Eva Lawrence – and engaging larger community
        5. Committee will not reach out to Clerk’s committee at this time but will continue to discuss this issue in the future
      2. LAGER update debrief
        1. reaction seemed positive in the meeting
        2. issue of interdisciplinary major came up again
          1. should this issue be addressed by LAGER in revision process
          2. this falls under graduation requirements
        3. Action Item – Drew will post slide set from faculty meeting to Moon Room site
        4. Action Item – Drew will email faculty away about faculty meeting update
    2. Planning for January Term
      1. Discussion of committee availability
      2. Discussion of goals for J-term
        1. create a draft framework of curriculum
        2. discussion of how to start
          1. using current and peer models, GELO’s, SACS


  • Action item – Suzanne and Melanie will create reading list for J-term


          1. looking at models from peer and aspirants
            1. look at schools like Guilford
            2. Colleges that change lives list
          2. looking for examples that reflect the heatmap
      1. Meeting times
        1. start with two retreat days on Jan 4-5 1:00pm-4:00pm
        2. rest of schedule will be developed as we go
    1. Review of Semester
      1. committee formation
      2. obtained budget support
      3. pursuing outside funding
      4. Five face to face meetings with Faculty
        1. three faculty meetings
        2. incubator session
        3. community forum
      5. good feedback from faculty/community
      6. suggestion to create clear goal calendar


  • Action item – Drew will create new doodle poll with smaller blocks


    1. suggestion to
  1. Meeting closed with a moment of silence