LAGER Committee Minutes 11/05/15

LAGER Committee Minutes 5 November 2015


Kyle (chair), Lavon, Caleb, Melanie, Damon (recording), Suzanne, Dale, Jennie, Stephanie – present. Drew (regrets)


    1. Moment of Silence
    2. Minutes for 29 October approved.
    3. Review of past action items:
      1. Discussion of travel budgets. Outside funds are limited. ACTION ITEM: Next week update from those people interested in going to the February AAC&U GE conference and potential funding sources. If we need to flag funding from our $50k budget, we can.
      2. DEFERRED: Working with faculty away from campus.
    4. New Topics
      1. Debriefing from the 4 November faculty meeting:
        1. Concern over lack of student perspective. ACTION ITEM: Stephanie will look into the Student Perspectives survey for Princeton Review, or NSSE for ways to get that.
        2. Some ambiguity or confusion over the different valences of the answers from the faculty meeting, e.g. our lived experiences vs. our aspirational experiences.
        3. Concern over survey / self-reflection exhaustion.
        4. Questions over how these documents (internal / external) govern or inform our work.
        5. DEFERRED: Create a reference card or statement based on the keyword activity that will guide us as we move ahead.
      2. Planning and calendar (20 minutes)
        1. Reviewed the draft calendar (available in Google drive folder). Conversation moved to point IV.C. DEFERRED: approve a draft calendar and planning process
      3. Select an activity for our faculty forum on 11/18 (15 minutes)


  • ACTION ITEM: Kyle will notify Clerk’s Committee that intended activity for 11/18 will be a discussion of different GE models (from other institutions). We will use the incubator time (1:30-2:30) AND continue the conversation in the Forum Time (3:45-5:15).


      1. ACTION ITEM: Everyone will begin to look for GE models from other institutions to contribute to folder “Gen Ed Models.”
      2. ACTION ITEM: Melanie will handle the publicity for this event (Buzz, etc.)
  1. Closed with a moment of silence