LAGER Committee Minutes 11/12/15

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 11/12/15


Meeting began with a moment of silence, 8:40am


Present: Kyle (chair), Stephanie, Suzanne, Damon, Lavon, Caleb, Drew (recording)


Regrets: Melanie, Jennie, Dale


    1. Reviewed, edited, and approved 11/5 minutes


  • Action item – Drew will post to Moon Room site


    1. Discussion of plan for Jan Term Faculty workshop
      1. What would the content/plan be?
      2. Are we in a position to execute this at this point?
      3. What faculty will be available, willing to attend?
      4. If Jan Term event not viable at this time – suggestion to roll that budget line into other things – travel to Feb. conference, etc.


  • Approved idea of sending Lavon, Stephanie, and Suzanne to the Feb. conference – will follow up with full committee next week


    1. Models
      1. Discussion of 3 vs. 4 credits
        1. SACS focused on non-traditional hour structure
        2. difficulty of balancing the amount of out of class work for 4 credit courses
        3. practical issue of moving faculty from a 3-3 to 4-4 workload
          1. added prep/workload
          2. resistance anticipated
        4. student credit hour formula would need to be changed
        5. issue of transfer credits
          1. many students transfer in 3 credit courses
          2. transfer credits often not equivalent – low or high
            1. three credit course for a required 4 credit
            2. two three credit courses for a required 4 credit
          3. articulation agreements, especially with community colleges
      2. idea to anonymize models
        1. pull out the distinct structure/qualities
        2. not list as based from individual institutions
      3. Trends
        1. themes
          1. unifying theme
          2. multiple theme tracks – problem based
          3. cohort promotion across courses
        2. many moving towards more breadth requirements, less core
        3. a few small schools strengthening core
        4. several models no distribution requirements – handled entirely through advising
        5. Intentional linkages with majors
        6. classics driven
        7. outcomes based model
        8. Wellness – whole being
        9. value of distributing GenEd throughout the four years – not just the first two


  • Action item – Kyle and Drew will work on way to present model conversation for next week


  1. Meeting ended with a moment of silence