LAGER Committee Minutes 10/20/16

Final LAGER Committee Minutes 10/20/16

Present:  Lavon, Melanie, Damon, Kyle(chair), Caleb, Drew(rec.)

    1. Minutes from 10/6/16 were approved and posted to the MoonRoom site
    2. New info from the writing director
      1. Cohort of students that place directly into HP is larger than initially thought
        1. 60-70 students
      2. New curriculum currently requires ENG 102 of all incoming students
      3. Discussion of possible Options
    3. Catalog language updated to reflect all requirements – pre-req’s or otherwise
      1. Approved by committee
      2. Does not change the number of credits
      3. May cause a perception that model has grown
        1. Important to point this out moving forward
    4. Discussion of Draft Catalog Language 2
      1. Made adjustment to Breadth Humanity requirement language
      2. Double counting issue
        1. Discussion of positives and negatives of double counting CiP requirements – continuation of discussion that began during Wednesday forum
        2. Will need to be an ongoing discussion
        3. One possible way of moving forward – remove any mention of double counting in catalog language – use current language of discrete credit hours – ensures the integrity of the community
        4. Process for handling double counting will be addressed in the implementation guide and chartering process for CiP’s – in Curriculum Committee approval process
    5. Brief discussion of Arts and Sciences feedback
      1. Naming changes
        1. Place-based
        2. Curriculum –> Guilford Experience
        3. Community – some discussion of this naming is needed going forward