Clerk’s Meeting Minutes, Friday October 30, 2015

Clerk’s Committee Meeting Minutes                                                                    Friday October 30, 2015 1:00 pm

In attendance: Dave Dobson (Clerk), Sarah Estow (Social Sciences), Bill Grubbs (Business, Policy, & Sport Studies), Sadie Hunter (Traditional Student Representative), Lisa McLeod (Humanities), Alex Ricks (CCE Student Representative), Beth Rushing (Academic Dean), Steve Shapiro (Natural Sciences & Mathematics), Kathryn Shields (Arts and recorder for this meeting)

  1. Gathering and Moment of Silence

The meeting opened at 1:07 with a moment of silence.

  1. Approval of Minutes from October 20, 2015

The minutes were approved.

  1. Additional Business

a) committee assignments

Gwen Erickson will take over as Recording Clerk

Brenda Swearingen will be asked to serve on Budget in place of Gwen.

If Brenda agrees we may bring to faculty meeting for approval.  Add to agenda.

b) future consideration

Faculty Forum Topic for Nov. 18–needs to be determined. Maybe LAGER?

  1. For approval: Handbook changes for IRB

Addition that the committee is a college-wide committee.

Request to add “one faculty member from across the college” in the listing of committee makeup.  Usually members are researchers.

Mention that the external representative will be invited by the chair.

Nominating will choose the faculty members.

General support for the proposal with minor changes.

  1. For review: Changes to WGSS major

Does it need to go before the full faculty?

Clerk’s is in support of the proposal but decided that it seems like an internal change and not substantive enough to go to full faculty.

Question about whether handbook language needs to be updated.

Dave will consider further

  1. For review: Revised Cyber and Network Security major proposal

Summary of changes? 2-credit course added

Approval to forward on for faculty discussion at the Faculty Meeting with time for discussion.

  1. Possible topics for Faculty Meeting on Nov. 4
    1. Recording Clerk/Budget replacement announcement. Announce ad-hoc IRB committee, (5 min)
    2. Curriculum revision (30 min.) – invite student LAGER representatives for that portion).  Also offer them the Faculty Forum time on Nov. 18 if it is available.
    3. WGSS proposal (not on the agenda)
    4. For Approval: Cyber and network security proposal (20-30 min) – Ask them for a summary of changes and a summary of the proposal.
    5. New standing committee: IRB (on a future agenda)
    6. Ask Compensation Committee if they have anything to report. (10 min)
    7. Faculty development – Keenan changes announcement (10 min) – In general we support the changes. Suggestion:  Keep the item (item #11), but delete “SLRP”:  Guilford’s SLRP goals include diversity, anti-racism teaching, multicultural education, principled problem solving, and experiential learning. Proposals do not have to address any of these goals, but if yours does, please discuss
    8. Good vibes, etc (5 min)
  1. Feedback on Proposed Committee Survey

Add section on internships, specify a time frame (last five years), on average per week-give selection for X hours per X time (week, semester, year)

Will continue to discuss on Tuesday.

  1. For Future Meetings: Continued discussion of committee and academic administrative structures
    1. Possible model of service compensation

Meeting closed in silence at 2:25

Reminder: Tuesday meetings resume next week (Tuesday Nov. 3)