Clerk’s Committee Minutes, September 2, 2016

Clerk’s Committee Meeting

Friday, September 2, 2016 11:30 a.m.

The committee gathered with Dave Dobson, Beth Rushing, Alfonso Abad Mancheno, Sherry Giles, Eva Lawrence, Kathryn Shields, Don Smith, and Gwen Gosney Erickson. Jeffrey Ray was not present.

Minutes from the August 18 meeting were approved with minor corrections.

  1. Gathering and Moment of Silence 3 minutes
  2. Approval of Minutes from 8/26 meeting 2 minutes
  3. Update on position requests and substitutions (list here) 10 minutes
  • Departments intending to make proposals

Substitutions will be needed for Eva (Social Sciences), Alfonso (Humanities), and Sherry (Business and Policy) since their departments intend to make proposals.

Sustainable Food Systems (Dave?)  Potential conflict. There seems to be no conflict but he consulted with everyone. The group agreed there was no conflict of interest. It would go into Environmental Studies, there would be no conflict. The substitutions listed were discussed and approved.

  • Departments remaining to serve on Clerk’s
  • (required subs in red, current Clerk’s members in green):
  • BPS – Business, Accounting, CTIS
  • NSM – Geology, Physics
  • Hum. – Philosophy
  • Arts – Music, Art
  • Soc Sci – Econ, Poli Sci, SOAN

The Committee discussed the issue of hiring a consultant for the Dean’s search, and the question is if we should spend that money. We mentioned that they are really helpful for reaching out to new candidates, diversity, and other issues. The concern is that we already spent that money, it is a different search but there are concerns.

The committee discussed the difference between doing an appointment and a search for Academic Dean, and if it would be necessary to hire consultants.

  • Request for forum/meeting time from Compensation committee 5 minutes.

The committee discussed this request. They want to talk about some changes to the formula. We talked about September 28, as informative, but not for discussion.

  • For approval: Marketing Minor 10 minutes. It is not urgent, so we will discussed it in the next meeting.
  • For discussion: Approaches to improving faculty diversity in upcoming searches 10 minutes. We talked about changing the language, and talked about strategies that are discipline specific. Also, strategies to open up possibilities for not ruling out candidates. Strategies to make the hiring inclusive for diverse candidates, and also for faculty with inclusive teaching practices, regardless of the discipline. Another strategy discussed is editing each job posting which will make it more customized for each department and not only a campus wide generic statement that might feel less authentic. It will show more intentionality. We talked about training faculty to create inclusive language in their searches, also inclusive practices and authentic recruiting of candidates for the available positions.
  • Review of August 31 Faculty Meeting 5 minutes

The only part that we needed to talk about was Tenure and promotion.

Service is almost approved, it needs a minor word change. It will be brought forward again. Scholarly was mentioned because of quantity during the meeting. Training was almost approved, advising and scholarship were approved.

We need to work on developmental reviews.   

  • For discussion: Pre-tenure developmental reviews 20 minutes. We discussed some issues that come with strictly developmental reviews in case they are in conflict with FAC might consider. We will have to discuss developmental reviews in the next meeting.
  • Close in silence