Clerk’s Committee Minutes, October 20, 2015

Minutes for Clerk’s Committee Meeting on 10.20.15

In attendance: Dave Dobson (Clerk), Sarah Estow (Social Sciences), Bill Grubbs (Business, Policy, & Sport Studies), Lisa McLeod (Humanities), Beth Rushing (Academic Dean and recorder of this meeting)., Steve Shapiro (Natural Sciences & Mathematics)

Absent: Caleb Anderson (Traditional Student Representative), Alex Ricks (CCE Student Representative), Kathryn Shields (Arts)

  1. Gathering and moment of silence.
    The meeting opened at 10:05 with a moment of silence.
  2. Approval of minutes from October 6 2015.
    These minutes were approved.
  3. Proposed ad hoc IRB nominees.
    The following members were approved for the ad hoc IRB for 2015-16: Vance Ricks (Fall 2015 only), Jennie Knight, Brenda Swearingen, Frank Keegan, Caryl Schunk (Spring 2016 only)
  4. Review of Strategic Planning committee charge and ten strategic priorities.
  5. Clerk’s discussed the new strategic planning committee charge and strategic priorities. Agreed that the Clerk will post the strategic priorities in the Moon Room, in anticipation of the conversation of these at the community meeting. Some concerns were expressed about the scheduled time for the community meeting (Thursday October 22 at 9:00 a.m.), and the Clerk will arrange to provide time during the next faculty meeting to discuss the Board’s actions at the October meeting.
  6. Review of October 7 2015 faculty meeting. Clerk’s reviewed the October 7 faculty meeting. Unsure whether the Cyber and Network Security proposal will be ready for approval at the November faculty meeting. Ongoing need to have times for LAGER to present at future meetings. Discussed the need for a Recording Clerk, alternatives for how we might accomplish the work of the recording clerk.
  7. Continued discussion of committee and academic administrative structures
    Clerk’s committee discussed the nature of the work (both formal and informal) of division chairs and department chairs. The Clerk will prepare and distribute a survey for faculty to assess the amount of time varying types of administrative assignments require.

Meeting closed with a moment of silence.

Respectfully submitted by Beth Rushing

No meeting October 23, 2015; Next meeting October 30, 2015.