Clerk’s Committee Minutes, Friday September 12, 2014

Full minutes are in the document here:

Clerk’s Committee Meeting Minutes 9-12 Approved

A summary is below:

  1. The meeting opens with a moment of silence.
  2. CC approved edited Minutes from September 5, 2014.
  3. Assignment of Clerk’s liaisons to standing and ad hoc committees:
  4. CC approved the revision to Sec. 1.402 of Faculty Handbook (Assessment Committee)
  5. CC postponed approval the revision to Sec. 1.415 of Faculty Handbook (Nominating Committee)
  6. CC members discussed the charge for January Term Assessment Committee and made suggested edits and observations. The Clerk will revise the document using the suggestions offered.
  7. CC discussed strategies and importance of garnering faculty support undertaking a significant revision or replacement of our general education curriculum.
  8. Spontaneous questions arose about the holding of searches for faculty.
  9. The meeting closed with a moment of silence.