Clerk’s Committee Minutes for December 7, 2017

Clerk’s Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday December 7, 2017 8:30 am

Present: Darryl Samsell, Kathryn Shields (Recording), Dave Dobson (Clerk), Jill Peterfeso, Alfonso Abad Mancheño, Frank Boyd (AD)

Not Attending: Donald Smith,

  1. Gathering and Moment of Silence –
  2. Figuring out who’s doing the minutes: Kathryn
  3. Approval of Minutes from 11/30 – approved
  4. Meeting Schedule for Spring 2018 –

After some discussion we settled on Thursday mornings at 8:30

We may have to reconsider our time after the shadow clerk is in place in February.

  1. Art donation for consideration – approved
  2. Review of December 6 Faculty Meeting –

Start from scratch or start from something existing?

Leaning towards starting from scratch

+ bringing good ideas from previous work

Ideas aggregated by Clerk’s

We see a space in existing curriculum from FYE/FYS, IDS, & the minor

Everyone collaborates at Guilford

Educational experience centered around Collaborative Projects

Shift the curricular frame around them

Collaborative research Ideas/Themes/Problems

can come from both faculty and student interest

And needs to be promoted that way

ex/SFS/the farm, ECAR, CFRB, exploratory

Students’ interests and engagement are crucial

Students can shift their project along the way

Consideration of scaffolding of skills

Relationship of assessment

Every student will have a culminating project

  1. Personal choice at the spring semester of the junior year (departmental, individual, or collaborative project capstone)
  2. Project would be ongoing, may be longer than an individual student’s time at Guilford
  3. Projects themselves determine the interdisciplinary input

We would continue to have majors (+ optional minor)

We need to have a structure in place

Collaborative path including this # of courses

Ideas about how we will begin populating the program

What steps need to be taken

These are the resources/support we need

We will need to come up with a way to present this program

A name? (Legos)

Weekly schedule

Every detail does not need to be decided by January


Meeting time: Friday after exams are over

Called meeting

Not to decide or approve things

Meeting adjourned at 9:55


  1. For discussion (at a future meeting): Faculty service proposals –