Clerk’s Committee Minutes for April 20th, 2017

Clerk’s Committee Meeting Agenda

Thursday April 20, 2017 2:30 pm

Present: Beth Rushing, Sherry Giles, Don Smith, Gwen Erickson, Eva Lawrence, Dave Dobson (Clerk), Alfonso Abad Mancheño (Minute-taker).

  1.    Gathering and Moment of Silence                                                                       2 minutes
  2. Figuring out who’s doing the minutes [Alfonso Abad Mancheño]                         1 minute
  3.    Approval of Minutes from April 13 meeting. Minutes were approved.                2 minutes
  4.    Proposal to reduce GPA for academic probation for newer students.              10 minutes

Last minute petition to consider by Clerk’s Committee. The change might help students who had a bad first semester. Should we move it forward for next semester?, if we adopt it in April, it will benefit students in the Fall. We decided to move forward. Clerk’s will ask Barb to write a proposal. If it is ready, we will move it forward for faculty approval on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

  1.    Review of faculty forum April 19                                                                        10 minutes

We discussed some of the comments and proposals about sending people away during an immersive experience, and other comments about the CIPs, (if they are experiential, they are not so different from our minors now). In general we discussed that there was a better reception of the new version, but it seems to be better structured. We commented that CPs now have to be at the beginning or the end, with a big gap in the middle. For a sense of continuity we need to figure out a more organic transition of the CPs.

After the forum some faculty members raised concerns. There seems to be a big gap between divisions and do we need to move towards a more cohesive curriculum? How would that affect enrollment?

  1.    For discussion: General Education Revision                                                    40 minutes

We looked at the new suggestions in the curriculum revision proposal.

Removing off campus requirements: People seem to agree in taking that requirement away. Lager pointed out that Arts and Sciences want that requirement. It is not clear that Arts and Sciences recommended that, it does not have to be off-campus. We commented that it should be there as an option.

Tim Kircher’s suggestions were well received and they would preserve the requirement for historical approaches or understanding.

We need to rename: CIPs, gateways and its parts, new suggestions for overall framing. The term immersive was ok, breadth is not appealing. We will ask for help from marketing.

Michael Dutch’s suggestion about immersives: required but editing the description, a note accompanying approval, or deciding what complete means, in a way that does not conflict with work or family, or trivialize the experience. Edit: required to engage with, but with a note explaining Michael’s concern.

The change from C- to D-. We considered piecing it out, for instance, C- for writing and D- for FL or other requirements. Now the requirement is D- except when it is for the major. There are concerns, we feel comfortable with a D- but we will let the faculty decide in this particular item.

Add an additional course with an explicit focus outside the U.S. in the Gateway Global Engagement section: This is going to be discussed this Summer, what the content is. Strong content would be forwarded to the group dealing with that, and that is part of a whole critical perspective. How does global perspective fit with critical perspectives?

In order not to add a new class in the curriculum, we need to be intentional to synchronize CP and global perspectives so that we do not put more requirements in the curriculum. We agreed that María’s suggestions should be addressed, but we feel that the proper home is critical perspectives, not an additional requirement. The door is wide open to courses of global issues in other parts of the curriculum, and it should be encouraged.

  1.    Agenda for faculty meeting April 26                                                                  10 minutes

Topics for upcoming faculty meetings –

  •     Gen Ed revision
  •     Public Health proposal
  •     Jane – VP salary information
  •     Proposal to reduce GPA for academic probation for newer students

Remaining Wednesday Dates:

April 26 – Faculty Meeting
May 3 – Reserved for Faculty Meeting
May 10 – Reading Day