Clerk’s Committee Minutes, February 2, 2017

Guilford College

Clerk’s Committee Meeting

Thursday, February 2, 2017, 2:30 pm

Attending:  Alfonso Abad Mancheno, Dave Dobson, Sherry Giles (took minutes), Gwen Gosney Erickson, Eva Lawrence, Beth Rushing, Kathryn Shields, and Don Smith. Absent: Leanna Kantt, Jeffrey Ray

  1.    The meeting began in silence.
  2.    Minutes from December 2, 2017 were approved.
  3.    Hiroko Hirakawa and Sherry Giles were approved as Faculty Development associates, in response to the request of the chair of Faculty Development, Maria Rosales.
  4.    Clerk’s discussed people nominated to receive honorary degrees at this spring’s commencement ceremony. Concern was expressed that the purpose of awarding honorary degrees needs to be clarified. We decided to devote time at the February 8th faculty meeting to a discussion of the purpose of awarding the degrees in relation to the mission of the college, and to invite Jane Fernandes to discuss briefly her vision for awarding honorary degrees. Following her presentation, faculty will discuss and come to consensus about which one, if any, of the three final nominees to whom we want to award the degree.
  5.    Clerk’s discussed and agreed upon the following topics and times for our faculty meeting on February 8th:
  •         Catalog statement on course hours – Beth will draft a statement about workload hours for courses (180 hours minimum) for faculty approval. (5 minutes)
  •         Honorary degrees (20 minutes)
  •         Curriculum revision- The Forum in January had about 20 people present, and had a thoughtful discussion of the curriculum. LAGER wants faculty to consider whether it is realistic to have an approved revised curriculum by the end of the semester. Dave proposed faculty discussing each of three areas of the proposed curriculum separately at successive faculty meetings. CIP, First Year Experience, Two Course Writing Chunk, Two Course Communication Chunk, and then implementation questions. We will discuss the CIP portion of LAGER at the faculty meeting on February 8th. (65 minutes)
  1. Clerk’s discussed the Personnel Committee proposal from the Faculty Sub-Committee on Salary. Clerk’s will be responsible for the remaining work around compensation this spring. We will bring the proposal for the new Personnel committee to a faculty meeting later this spring.
  2. Clerk’s agreed to discuss the following topics at future meetings:

o  Online course evaluations

o  Compensation adjustments

o  Position requests – Dave has sent an email to Jane about this, and Beth also is talking with Jane about it.

o  Administrative structure (divisions and departments)

o  Budget committee revision

o  Committee staffing issues

o  Compensation for faculty service

  1. The meeting closed in silence at 4 pm.