Clerk’s Committee Minutes – August 31, 2017

Clerk’s Committee Meeting Agenda

Thursday August 31, 2017 8:30 am

Present: Darryl Samsell, Kathryn Shields, Dave Dobson, Donald Smith, Jill Peterfeso, Eva Lawrence, Alfonso Abad Mancheño (recording)

  1. Gathering and Moment of Silence 2 minutes
  2. Figuring out who’s doing the minutes (Alfonso) 1 minute
  3. Approval of Minutes from August 24 2 minutes
  4. Minutes approved.
  5. Status Report: Large-scale faculty handbook revision 5 minutes
  6. There are changes to the document from Beth, Dave is going to look at the changes, we should have the changes ready before FAC starts. Dave will work with Frank and will send the changes to Clerk’s and will work from there so that we have time to get it ready to the meeting. The goal is to have the new draft by the October meeting.
  7. For approval: WGSS Proposal 20 minutes

It has been approved by Curriculum. There was reluctance for Interdisciplinary majors to be mandatory double majors. The issues discussed in the meeting were:  the many inconsistencies between the catalog and the practice, and in between majors. E.g. International Studies was not approved as a stand alone major in 2015. One question raised is: Would it be housed in a Dept.? or can it moved depending on coordinator? Also, that there is no clear criteria to approve it at the Clerk’s Committee, and what  the criteria for approval in Faculty Meeting is. In the catalog it says that ID majors must be linked to another major.  Other issues: Staffing issues are not clear in the description of the major. We also want to encourage faculty to be creative and propose new programs and avoid the PECS situation.  

Conclusion: We want to follow newer models of stand alone majors mostly housed in departments and sustained by a department.

  1. For approval: Handbook revisions for review process and appeals 25 minutes

We will take it to the Faculty.

  1. For approval: Faculty Meeting Agenda for September 6 10 minutes

Possible topics:

  • Dean’s Report (5 minutes)
  • For information: Counseling center
  • For information: IDEA design team
  • For information: New faculty meal tickets (we will ask Todd some questions)
  • For information: Faculty development funds and initiatives
  • For approval: WGSS Proposal (in October)
  • For approval: Revisions for review process and appeals
  • For discussion: Gen ed revision:
  • For approval: Large-scale handbook revisions


  • Follies on Friday October 27
  • Link Harris Teeter for ECG

Close in silence