Clerk’s Committee Meeting Minutes from November 30, 2017

Proposed Clerk’s Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday November 30, 2017 8:30 am

Present: Darryl Samsell (Recording), Kathryn Shields, Dave Dobson (Clerk), Donald Smith, Jill Peterfeso, Alfonso Abad Mancheño, Frank Boyd (AD)

  1. Minutes from 11/16 were approved                                                                                         
  2. Announced the SACS report is available to faculty in the ADO
  3. Discussed ways to fill the QEP Director position
    1. Suggested remuneration should be specified in advance
  4. Discussed the November 29 Faculty Forum
    1. Allowed faculty to express ideas and concerns which were captured, compiled and sent to faculty
  5. Discussed the EDGE “Learning Collaboratively” objective and the resulting curriculum and calendar effects
  6. The Clerk (Dave) will use the discussion from the Forum and the Clerks meeting to produce a potential list of ways to meet the Edge “Learning Collaboratively” Objective and review with the President for feedback
    1. The list will address ideas and possible paths to meeting the Edge “Learning Collaboratively” Objective including: Majors, Passion, General education, Faculty & student team-based learning, and possibly Global learning
  7. The primary agenda item for the December 6, 2017  Faculty Meeting is the Edge “Learning Collaboratively” Objective
  8. Meeting Ended