Clerk’s Committee Meeting Minutes, February 8, 2018

Clerk’s Committee Meeting Agenda

Thursday February 8, 2018 8:30 am

Present: Frank Boyd, Darryl Samsell, Dave Dobson (Clerk), Kathryn Shields, Don Smith, Jill Peterfeso, Eva Lawrence, Alfonso Abad Mancheño (Recording clerk)

  1. Gathering and Moment of Silence 2 minutes
  2. Figuring out who’s doing the minutes (Alfonso) 1 minute
  3. Approval of Minutes from February 1 Approved 2 minutes
  4. Review of Faculty Forum Feb 7 10 minutes

We discussed the issue of faculty-administration communication, and the decision making process. We need to figure out an efficient and healthy way of communication between the faculty and the administration. A process that is centralized in the faculty and avoids factions and is directed by clear and unbiased leadership.

Concerning the design of the new curriculum, one suggestion was to let people experienced in the faculty design the curriculum as people being in the best position to do that.

Another issue was to let faculty work on the curriculum without emergency extra procedures.

We discussed the issue of what to do with the three weeks of the 12/3 schedule. Are fast tracks going away? Is CCE going away?

Another issue brought up was flexibility for faculty to create their classes to allow creativity to flow in departments, so we need to avoid constraints.

There are new funds that can implement an exciting process.

  1. For approval: Nominating proposal to revise Committee Service 10 minutes

We are delegating to Nominating committee, we talked about two possibilities, stipends and other possibilities, we also talked about the possibility of asking adjunct faculty to advise students (continuing faculty). We raised our concerns. The document seems directionally appropriate with a potential concern about part-time faculty and how those people contribute.

  1. For approval: Agenda for Faculty Meeting on Feb. 8 10 minutes

Possible topics: Approved (for Clerk election, people that are not present at the meeting (abroad) can still vote.

  • Clerk election (10 minutes):
  • Nominating changes (5 minutes)
  • Request from Assessment (10-15 minutes)
  • Request from Enrollment (7-10 minutes)
  • Revisions to CTIS plus new CNS minor (10 minutes)
  • Proposal from Nominating regarding committee service
  • All the other stuff going on (Gen Ed, 12/3, governance, etc.)
  • Silent Announcement: ECG juniors are required to take the ACT on Tuesday, February 27. They will miss all morning classes.
  1. For discussion: Implementation of Edge plan 20 minutes (Dave’s comment – this was briefly discussed along with other topics)
  2. For discussion: “Still Here” report on contingent faculty 10 minutes (Dave’s comment – this was deferred until next week)

Close in silence

Remaining Wednesday Dates for Spring 2018:

February 14 – Faculty Meeting
February 28 – (Bad Wednesday) Reserved for Faculty Forum
March 21 – Faculty Meeting
March 28 – Faculty Forum
April 11 – Faculty Meeting
April 18 – Officially Reserved for called Faculty Meeting (but also GUS)


Minutes rotation: Boyd – Lawrence – Mancheño – Peterfeso – Samsell – Shields – Smith