Clerk’s Committee Meeting Agenda for 8-29-14

Clerk’s Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday 8/29 2:30 pm

  • Gathering and Moment of Silence, 3 minutes
  • Approval of Minutes from May 6, 2014, 2 minutes
  • Nomination of Tim Lindeman as Faculty Development Associate, 5 minutes
  • Clarification of Faculty Handbook Section 5.240 on timing of study leaves, 10 minutes
    • Is a spring-fall full-year leave allowed? Should it be?
  • Discussion of new QEP efforts and planning (Steve Shapiro), 10 minutes
    • Tentative schedule:
      • Brief review of proposals at faculty meeting on 9/1
      • Open community meeting on 9/10 – presentation of proposals (Necessary?)
      • Faculty Forum on 9/17 – presentation and discussion of proposals
      • Faculty Forum on 11/19 – selection of proposal or proposals to bring to faculty meeting
      • Faculty Meeting on 12/3 – QEP proposal for approval
  • Setting agenda for Faculty Meeting Wednesday, 20 minutes
    • Current requests:
      • Barb Boyette – demo of new Banner-based student feedback form (10 min)
      • Jack Zerbe – demo of new Study Abroad portal website (10 min)
      • Steve Shapiro – discussion of QEP process (15 min)
      • Cathy Witty – announcement of CCE counseling services (silent announcement?)
      • Georgie Bogdan – announcement of changes in LC testing policies (silent announcement)
    • Other possibilities:
      • Discussion of faculty survey results and possible actions (Dave Dobson)
      • Reminder of Moon Room website and forum (Dave Dobson)
      • Report on May Trustees meeting (Elwood Parker, Adrienne Israel, Dave Dobson)
  • Review and discussion of Kyle’s document from preliminary General Education Curriculum summer meetings, 15 minutes
  • Review of Admissions Committee role and staffing, if time allows
  • Review of January Term Assessment Committee role and staffing, if time allows
  • Meeting assessment and Clerk’s business for this year, 5 minutes