Clerk’s Committee Agenda for November 24, 2015

Clerk’s Committee Meeting Agenda – Tuesday, November 23, 2015 10:00 am
1. Gathering and Moment of Silence – 3 minutes
2. Approval of Minutes from November 17, 2015 – 2 minutes
3. For Discussion: Concerns raised by students of color and others – 20 minutes
a. Student events in last few weeks
b. Open letter from Alex Ricks
c. Request for shifts in staffing of committees this year
d. Request for changes to committee membership for future years
4. From Budget Committee (and others): Idea for Guilford Guarantee – 5 minutes
5. For Discussion and Approval: Faculty Meeting Agenda for December 2nd – 20 minutes
Options could include:
a. Gen Ed revision report (5 minutes, according to Kyle)
b. Compensation committee report (if desired by committee)
c. Discussion of student and faculty concerns on matters of race both in the\ classroom and in college governance
d. Sustainable Food Systems Proposal
e. Discussion of faculty hiring, allocation and priorities (from letter of concern regarding CNS major)
f. Standing IRB committee – for approval
g. Other handbook changes as requested by Adrienne
h. Anything with service compensation or departmental restructuring? Survey results?
i. Guilford Guarantee idea
j. Faculty Development Associate in Inclusive Pedagogy
k. Other issues?
6. For Discussion: Concern about uneven promotion and advertising of campus events and initiatives, and editorial procedure for Beacon (see letter from faculty member) – 20 minutes
Close in silence