Article on Budget Cutting at Wooster

An interesting article on a budget cutting process at a college of similar size and scope to ours. Sounds like a very open process. They had the benefit of not being in crisis while they did it, which is unfortunately not our situation.  Click below to read:

How One Campus United Behind a Budget-Cutting Effort

by Lee Gardner, in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Feb. 16, 2015


  1. I thought this comment was interesting: “The people who might actually have ideas about how to do things differently are not sitting in a cabinet room,” the president says. “They’re on the ground in departments and divisions, doing their work, and they know where we’re doing things that aren’t smart.”

    Of course, that applies to improved efficiencies, not more drastic changes.

  2. The article link there may expire. If anybody needs it, I’ve got a PDF I could share.